Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Auld Lang Syne

This long hiatus was unexpected, but I'm not dead, and I'm fairly sure I'll pick up writing again within the next few months; but as it is, the blog lives in tandem with the campaign, which is still in hibernation.

Mostly it's been the mess of moving, having no proper place to play in the new house, and all my D&D materials packed away along with so much else that's inaccessible in storage.

Ostensibly, the campaign has a promising restart, with the addition of an eager new face whose resume includes DMing with Forgotten Realms. I could stand a bit of a push, though, as once inertia sets in it's difficult to overcome. I haven't been getting it from the campaign itself, I've been neglecting even reading the Dao, and lately my connection to the Middle Ages is limited to music and architecture. I've found myself waxing nostalgic about the Ancient Greek and Dark Ages worlds, and wanting to bring them back at least as much as resume the game in Medieval England.

This post, then, is just to be a placeholder until things get rolling again. I am searching for inspiration.

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